Grow Long Hair That Shines

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I'm growing out my medium length hair. Is there anything I should do to keep it healthy while it grows?

Grow Long Hair That Shines

Having long hair is nice. Having long hair that is healthy and doesn't look like straw is better. If you are growing out your hair you'll want to pay attention and learn how to grow long hair the healthy way.

The first myth to bust is that you should stop getting your hair cut altogether. To grow long hair that isn't riddled with split ends you will still need maintenance trims to keep your ends looking and feeling great. Though you can spread your salon visits out while growing your hair, you should still see your styling every two months, at least, to have the very ends cleaned up and kept strong.

A healthy diet and vitamins can also help ensure that the hair you grow remains in good condition. Just like the rest of our bodies, our hair is a reflection of our all over health. Getting plenty of rest and eating well is key to ensure that you grow long hair at as rapid a rate as possible.



3/27/2007 3:01:51 PM
savannah said:

I'm 11 years old turning 12 and I just got my hair cut right in the begging of spring. My aunt,who has no degree in hair, cut my hair. It looked good for the first day but when I went to school the next day the most popular class in my grade hated it and laughed at me. My hair was to my shoulders and for the first time I had gotten bangs. The problem was my bangs were a little uneven the day I got my hair cute so I took some siccors and cut them to short. I have a long face and big forehead so the bangs I have to admit looked horrible. So thanks to the tip of eating healthy that is what I'll do and in no time I will have my beatiful,lucious,blonde locks back to stay for good!!!!!!


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