Long Hair Styles For Round Faces

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I have a round face and I'd like to grow my hair long. What type of style would suit my face best?

Long Hair Styles For Round Faces

Cutting hair into a bob hairstyle can make a round face appear even more so. To counteract round cheeks long hair styles should be chest level or longer to create a slimming effect.

For best results the long hair styles should be worn straight and smooth—too much volume on the sides will only accentuate a round face. To get your hair as sleek as possible apply a straightening balm to damp hair and brow dry the hair smooth with a round brush. Point the nozzle of the blow drier down at the sections being dried to keep the hair smooth and frizz free. Finish off with touch ups from a flat iron and some shine serum to complete the sleeked-out style.



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