Layered Long Hair That Rocks

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I have long hair and I'm looking for a new hairstyle. I want something wilder than your average straight long hair. Any suggestions?

Layered Long Hair That Rocks

For an edgy rock and roll style have your stylist give you layered long hair that has been cut with a razor. The razor will give you edgy texture and break up boring solid lines at the bottom. Any bangs you wear should be thin and razored as well. If you’re really daring ask your styling to make the ends of your hair very textured and uneven for instant wispiness. When styling straight layered long hair use a smoothing cream on damp hair and a blow drier with a nozzle attachment. With a paddle brush dry one section at a time until the entire head of hair is done. Touch up your hair with a flat iron for an extra sleek style and finish off with a shine gel to separate strands and give sheen to the hair.



6/19/2009 3:31:50 PM
Hi =) said:

Hmm...I'd like to see a picture of what this looks like ;)


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