Great Cuts For Layered Long Hair

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My long hair is one length but I'm getting bored of it and I'm looking for a change. Any suggestions?

Great Cuts For Layered Long Hair

Layers are a must for creating some of the hottest hairstyles. Layered long hair has more shape and styling options and is a shoe in for extra volume too. For loose beachy waves (perfect for summer) in layered long hair, have your stylist create layers starting above the chin. A razor cut will make the layers easier to flip back, which is a trendy style now.

When styling your layered long hair, use a styling spray or thermal spray to protect your hair from damage caused by heat. Using your fingers, comb through your strands while you blow dry to give your hair casual texture. Guide the hair around your face back for that sexy flip. If your hair has natural wave simply accentuate it with a little styling wax on dried hair to define those waves.

For straight hair use a medium sized curling iron to bend layers back off the face and create waves in various sections throughout the hair. Don’t get caught up in curling every strand—this look is casual so just create some waves here and there for that beach curl look. Finish off with some styling wax to define your layers.



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