Tips for 80s Hairstyles

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Tips for 80s Hairstyles

The 1980s were the decade of excess, and that came through in the hairstyles. Small hair was not popular.

Side Ponytail

One of the easiest ways to channel the 80s is to pull your ponytail to the side. You can keep the tail low or secure it at the top of your head. It must swing to the side, though.

1. Secure with a tight hair-tie. Add hair jewelry or a scrunchie to cover the tie.

2. Splay hair for volume.

3. This style looks best on curly or curled hair.


Men and women alike had to get perms in the 1980s if they didn't have naturally curly hair. Don't get a perm – just curl your hair.

1. Use a small curling iron for spiral curls.

2. Use a medium curling iron, alternating the direction. Tousle the curls and backcomb the sides for volume.

3. Use a large curling iron all in the same direction. Finger comb back into big, Farah Fawcett feathers.

4. Bangs are a must for all these styles. Curl the front in a half-circle, all curls going in the same direction. Backcomb the base. Let hair descend in a waterfall.

5. Use strong-hold hairspray for all styles.

New Wave

New wave hairstyles were still big, but asymmetrically so. One side must be noticeably shorter than the other.

Note: If you're getting your hair cut this way, the sides will not blend.

1. You can mimic this look by pulling one side of your hair back tightly.

2. Backcomb the long strands. They should splay out from the head like fire.

3. If you have a short, one-length bob, opt for the Flock of Seagulls style. Backcomb the sides and top so that the hair is flowing to the top of the head and over you face.

4. Use strong-hold hairspray for all styles.



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