Tips for 90s Hairstyles

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Tips for 90s Hairstyles

Hairstyles of the 1990s were inspired by television and movies. The "Friends" hairstyle was popular for long hair. Meg Ryan set the tone for short hair. Men wore their hair either like Russell Crowe's "The Gladiator" or Matt Damon's flip-front version.

The Rachel

The Rachel was the iconic look for medium to long hair. It started above the shoulders but grew longer as the decade wore on. She never had true bangs. This haircut is casual a shag blow dried with a big round brush.

1. Blow out the hair, curling under with the brush.

2. Flip the ends up while the hair is still warm.

3. Spray strands in the front and nape area, pulling apart with your fingers to create the piecey look. Alternatively apply a tiny amount of hair wax and pull to create pieces.

4. Spray with gloss.

The Meg

Like the Rachel, Meg Ryan's hair was a piecey, flipped-out shag. However, the overall look is shorter and choppier. The Meg also features true bangs pieced out to the side with wax or hairspray.

1. Blow out hair with a medium brush.

2. Flip ends up with the brush.

3. Using medium hold hairspray or hair wax, pull the bangs to the side in pieces. Pull out more pieces all over the shag.

4. Spray with gloss.

Men's Styles

The Gladiator and Matt Damon's front-flip were essentially the same haircut. The cut is clippered up the sides and back and blended into a longer top. The top should be chunk-cut about one-inch long with bangs straight across.

1. Apply solid hair gloss and comb everything forward for the Gladiator.

2. Apply hair wax to the front and pull pieces up for the flip-front.



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