70s Hair - Solid Gold

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70s Hair - Solid Gold

The 70s were a time when lots of colors in wild patterns, psychedelic auras, and unique style were in vogue. Hairstyles played a big part in an ensemble and people put as much effort into them as they did choosing the right platform shoes and bell-bottoms. Here are some hairstyles you can recreate to bring 70s style back full blast:

The Afro

People keep playing at this over the decades, but at no other time was the afro more celebrated and widespread than in the 70s. Huge heads of hair picked out to stand in an arc around the head dominated Black culture. Some people wore picks in their afro as part of their look. Others put a shell bead in randomly to accent. Many just let that natural hair stand alone. Either way, the hairstyle was classic and distinctly 70s.

Curly Elegance

Curly was in during the 70s. Many women would roller curl the bottom half their hair and let the top part, from mid strand to crown, remain straight. When styling, they would put a pin at the point where the roller ended, creating a double effect on the hair. This look worked well with both business attire and casual wear.

Messy Sweep

You could find this look anywhere back then. Hair loosely swept away from the face by an ornate barrette. A layered bang dropped from the barrette and flyaways provided wispy sides. Sometimes you’d find a loosely constructed braid mixed in with unbraided hair cascading from the barrette. This very casual style was great for weekend jaunts.

70s hair was as versatile as the clothing and décor styles were. Try one and put on some good disco music while you do it.



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