Tips for 50s Hairstyles

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Tips for 50s Hairstyles

With retro looks trending, the hairstyles of the 1950s are back.

For Men

The iconic men's style was the ducktail. For this style, your hair is combed straight back on the sides into two wings in the back, the duck's tail. The top is left tousled, styled into a classic pompadour, or gelled into a single long curl in the forehead, the elephant's trunk.

Tips for the Ducktail

1. Request the cut at your salon. The center portion needs to be cut shorter than the overlapping "wings."

2. Use a strong gel and even pomade. This look will never stay in place without products.

3. After combing the sides back, draw your comb straight down the middle in the back of your head to define the line between the "wings"

For Women

1950s hairstyles are driven by the beauty idols of the time, women like Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball.

Tips for the Marilyn

1. Marilyn's style looks best on hair that's shoulder length or shorter with layers.

2. Set your hair either wet or dry. Arrange the curlers in the same direction you want the curls to go.

3. Back-comb at the base of the curls and tousle the ends to create the finished look.

4. Use a light hold hairspray.

Tips for the Lucille

1. Lucille Ball's poodle style is great for curly hair.

2. Dry curly hair with products that won't create crunch, such as pomade.

3. Back-comb the sides, smooth the top of each hair section and pin back. Roll the hair in back into a loose bun or twist. Allow hair's texture to show.

4. Tousle the top curls. Use light hairspray.



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