Hairstyle to Combat a Cowlick

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How can I style my hair when I have a cowlick?

Hairstyle to Combat a Cowlick

An attractive hairstyle is hard to manage if your hair decides to go its own way and splits at the crown. Deal with this problem (called a cowlick) by drying the problem area in the opposite direction—this will redirect the hair and give it more lift.

Don't attempt a hair style that requires drying your hair flat to your head since this magnifies the split in the crown area. Use a vent brush to lift your hair at the scalp. If your hair is sticking up in the crown and you have a short cut, try growing your hair longer (the weight of your longer hair will weigh down the crown cowlick).



2/5/2007 8:32:59 PM
lucy said:

haii, well i ctried this tip, my hair was medium length and i let it grow long but the cow lick didnt go away but it made it worse so i recomend not useing this tip coz its a load of Poo


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