Go Bare With A Brazilian Wax

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What is a brazillian wax?

Go Bare With A Brazilian Wax

Keeping your bikini area neat and tidy can be an ongoing chore. If you're looking for less hair care down there try taking it all off with a Brazilian wax.

Home Brazilian wax kits make giving yourself the ultimate bikini wax a relatively easy endeavor. Some kits come with a pre-epilation oil that ensures the hard wax used only sticks to the hair—not the skin. The kits also come with a no mistake heating chart to avoid burns from over heated wax.

Be sure to follow the directions carefully. It is advisable to do a patch test on a small area of your bikini area and wait 24 hours to test for allergic reaction. If the skin appears normal, with no rashes or excessive bumps, go ahead and complete the rest of the bikini wax. Most Brazilian waxes involve removing all the hair from the bikini area but feel free to be expressive and leave a little design if the creative mood strikes you.



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