Choosing a Formal Hair Style

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I have to wear my hair up for an event. Any suggestions on some great evening hairstyles?

Choosing a Formal Hair Style

When choosing a formal hair style there are certain things you need to keep in mind to ensure the perfect hair style. The length and thickness of your hair are major factors in which type of hair style will work best so be sure, when choosing a style, that you choose one that mirrors the type of hair you have.

For medium length hair a French twist works well, as does a small bun or loosely piled curls. If your hair is fine you will probably need your hair set in rollers first to give the hair volume and make it easier to style. For a variation on the classic, smooth chignon try wearing your hair curly and having the hair loosely gathered in a low lying bun. The look is still elegant but has a more romantic flair to it.

For long hair a larger bun, enhanced with braided pieces, looks stunning and with lots of hair you'll be able to spare the extra to create the braids. If you're hair is very long and thick is may be too much for a twist but, in the hands of an expert, very thick hair can be arranged in loose curls that will look great. Alternately, you can have your long, thick hair set in loose curls and wear only the top and sides pinned up, letting the back hang in elegant waves.



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