The Perfect Wedding Hair Style For You

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I'm getting married but I'm having trouble choosing a hair style. Any tips on how to choose the best style?

The Perfect Wedding Hair Style For You

When it comes to choosing a wedding hair style there are no shortage of options for the bride to be. From short and sassy to sculpted elegance there’s bound to be a hairstyle to suit every bride. Just be sure the wedding hair style you choose is a reflection of your personal style. Your groom wants to be able to recognize his bride as she walks down the aisle. Even the shortest of hair can have a stunning wedding hair style. Have short, layered hair set in small rollers for sculpted and defined curls all over the head. Use a jeweled head band or barrettes to pull the hair back at the front and/or the sides to give an updo appearance. For medium to long hair, try a modern version of the classic pinned up wedding hair style by having the hair pinned up at the back in small sections in which the ends (the last two to three inches of each piece) are left out. Have the ends sculpted with a styling wax and fanned out atop the pinned up sections. The look is elegant but with a little edge to it for those brides that like to make a statement. Add jewels or even feathers to the hair for added interest. Those that like the classics can have a similar updo but with barrel curls (large barrel shaped curls that sit on their sides) arranged on the head for a glamorous wedding hair style.



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