Bridal Hair Flowers Add Beauty To Your Hair

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What are my options for hair accessories on my wedding day?

Bridal Hair Flowers Add Beauty To Your Hair

Adding a touch of nature to your hair can make even the simplest wedding hairstyle a thing of beauty. Depending on your hairstyle, you can use one large flower, such as a white rose, or a few smaller flowers, such as mini gardenias, dispersed throughout your hair. Because your wedding day will likely be a long one, and you want to look picture perfect throughout it all, silk flowers are a better alternative to real ones that will wilt.

For those who love all things that glitter, try adding a gem stone encrusted flower hair pin to your wedding hairstyle. This is a perfect way to add a hint of nature to your style while adding serious glamour to your hair. Use one large hairpin on the side or back of your hairstyle or many tiny ones throughout your hair.



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