Tuft Stuff: Short Hair For Women

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I'm thinking of cutting my hair short but I don't want it to be boring. Any suggestions?

Tuft Stuff: Short Hair For Women

Short hair for women can end up looking like a helmet if it's not cut correctly. The key to giving your thick hair shape is to incorporate a lot of texture and different directions of movement throughout the cut to avoid a “bubble” appearance.

One example of short hair for women that makes the most of your thick hair is a short pixie-like style with a spiky tuft at the crown. Created by using a razor during the haircut instead of scissors this hair cut gives mega volume on top, a full but wispy band and a subtle flip at the back. Lots of direction and definition is what makes this style stand out. The crown is cut short (approximately two inches) so it spikes up, the front and sides are left slightly longer and the back is tapered with just enough hair to flick out at the nape.

To style this type of short hair for women use a texturizing or smoothing cream on damp hair and blow dry with a vent brush and small round brush. For the crown use the palm of your hand and rub in a circular motion to create a cushion in the hair and get it to stand up. The hair in front of the crown is smoothed forward with a vent brush and the bangs are left full on the forehead with a slight angle to one side. The sides are styled full and covering the ears and the back is given volume with the vent or round brush. Use a small round brush to flick the bottom hair at the nape of your neck out.

Once your hair is dried use a styling wax or pomade to define the spiky bits at the crown, separate chunky pieces in your bang and define your small flip in the back.



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