Short Hair Styles For Curly Hair

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What's in style for curly hair that's short?

Short Hair Styles For Curly Hair

The layers on the top of the head are kept long with a short bang (just above the eyebrow). The sides are cut to the bottom of the earlobes and the back is left to hang just below where a dress shirt collar would. When styling this type of short hair style start by applying a smoothing balm to damp hair and begin with your bangs. The bang area will be straight and full (touch up with a small flat iron after if need be) with the top layers being gently styled forward and sweeping across the bangs and to one side. The sides and back make the most of your natural curl by being styled into soft waves. Bring the sides down and slightly forward for a face framing effect. The result is a short hair style for women that looks polished but doesn't require a battle against your natural waves.



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