Tons Of Styling Options With The FHI Flat Iron

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Is there anything else you can do with a flat iron other than straighten hair?

Tons Of Styling Options With The FHI Flat Iron

Think flat irons only straighten hair? Not so with the FHI ceramic flat iron. This handy little gadget will smooth, flip or curl your hair into any style you desire.

To straighten your hair take small sections of detangled, dry hair and place the FHI flat iron a half inch from the scalp. Close the plates onto the section of hair and slowly glide the flat iron to the ends. The hair will be smoothed and frizz free thanks to the high quality ceramic plates.

To flip hair simply twist your wrist to turn the last few inches of your hair upward and continue to glide the flat iron along the section. Be sure to include the very ends of the hair in the plates for a uniform result. Want curly hair? Just twist that wrist a little more, like you would with a curling iron, and the FHI flat iron will give you beautiful, silky curls in no time.



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