Tame Thick Hair With The GHD Flat Iron

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I have really thick hair and I was thinking of wearing it straight. What's the best way to get this mop of hair straight fast?

Tame Thick Hair With The GHD Flat Iron

Thick hair can be difficult to tame. To get the smoothest hair possible use the GHD flat iron, designed specifically for thicker textured hair.

The GHD flat iron with its 1.75” wide plates will straighten larger sections of hair, making short work of straightening thicker heads of hair. The ceramic plates heat up in seconds and hold their temperature for even and consistent styling, while the negative ions emitted work to promote shiny and soft hair.

For shorter styles, use the GHD flat iron to create smooth, chic hair styles in minutes. Simply glide the plates through dry, detangled sections of hair and sculpt your tresses into any desired style. For a trendy look flip the ends of the hair up slightly and define those pieces with a styling wax afterwards. The subtle flips will give an edge to your style.



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