Blow Drying Hair That Is Curly

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I have curly hair and it always ends up frizzy if I blow dry it. Do you have any tips for blow drying curly hair?

Blow Drying Hair That Is Curly

Styling curly hair can be a tricky endeavour. If done right, blow drying hair that is curly can give you beautiful results but do it wrong and you could end up with a head full of frizz. Here are some tips for blow drying your curly hair correctly:

  1. Start with the right products. There are numerous styling products on the market that cater to those with curly hair. Curl enhancing products with silicone are your best bet for bring out the best in your curls. Apply the product to damp hair, as your hair will absorb the product better when wet.
  2. When blow drying hair that's curly be sure to use a low setting on your blow dryer. A diffuser works best to evenly distribute the heat but if you don't have this attachment keep the air flow low and cover the nozzle of your blow dryer with your fingers. Place the blow dryer under your hair and point it up so the air flows through your fingers and gently onto your hair. You may also want to invest in a higher end blow dryer that gives out more heat in a more even fashion and gives off negative ions that promote silky hair.
  3. While blow drying hair that is curly use your hands to scrunch the hair and help define your curls. To avoid damage or frizz try blow drying your hair until it is about 90% dry and let your hair air dry the rest of the way. Using a little styling wax on your hair once you are done blow drying will also help give definition to your curls.



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