New Color Trendy In Hair Styling

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I want to get my hair colored. What are the hair colors that are in right now?

New Color Trendy In Hair Styling

The right color can make or break a hairstyle. For a great color that gets noticed try one of these trendy new hair styling techniques in coloring.

Reds are a hot color these days. If your coloring suits red hair try going bold with either deep, rich auburns or bright, show stopping paprika. A bold all over color works great to get even the most simple hair styles noticed. Another trend in hair styling is tone on tone color. Try subtle strawberry blonde highlights in red hair to give your hair a style edge.

Blondes are going light and natural these days. Pastel and butter blondes are prominent in hair styling with lighter highlights placed around in the front of the hair to frame the face. Do remember that going very light blonde required a lot of touch ups so be sure you're ready for the commitment to avoid unsightly roots.

Brunettes are having fun too. Deep sable browns with honey highlights give you a natural look that's far from boring. Espresso browns are also popular in hair styling and are being seen on celebrities that have taken their long hair short. For added style try having just the tips of your hair highlighted. It will give definition to layers and is low commitment because the highlights will be trimmed off quicker.



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