The T3 Hair Dryer: The Mercedes of Blow Dryers

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I've seen those T3 blow dryers but wondered if they are any better than the cheaper ones. What's the difference?

The T3 Hair Dryer: The Mercedes of Blow Dryers

The T3 hair dryer is the cream of the crop in blow dryers. It is considered the highest quality dryer on the market, giving you the most control and precision when styling.

The motor is created out of 100% crushed tourmaline jewels, a member of the trigonal crystal system, and boasts the only true ceramic heater coil. So what does this mean for you? Negative ions are all the rage in blow dryers and the T3 hair dryer is said to emit the most ions which means softer, shinier hair for you.

Is it worth the money? With a hefty price tag of $200 an up it is a big investment for a styling tool. For those in the hair industry having the best tools is a must to do your job to its maximum potential. For those who aren't a professional, but still crave hair perfection, the end results may well be worth the money of owning the T3 hair dryer.



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