The Farouk Chi Flat Iron: Great For Professionals

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I'm a professional hairstylist and I was wondering if you recommend a good flat iron to use on my clients.

The Farouk Chi Flat Iron: Great For Professionals

Flat ironing your hair every day can be tedious. Flat ironing five people's hair a day means you're a professional hairstylist and you need seriously user friendly tools to get the job done. The Farouk Chi flat iron has the stylist's needs in mind with their newly redesigned ceramic flat iron.

A super long 10 foot cord means you don't have to keep your styling ability on a short leash and the 360 degree swivel connection means no tangles in the cord. You can move around freely, styling at will, and the cord won't tie you down.

The Farouk Chi flat iron is also designed to be lightweight for easy handling and less stress on your already tired hands and arms. The new ergonomic design and easy grip handle also spells ease of use and all these user friendly features fit into a flat iron that fits into a standard curling iron station—no need to clear a space on your precious work station for this baby.



12/21/2009 5:34:16 AM
catherine said:

what does it mean, "fits into a standard curling iron station?" does that mean the plug is small without the box thing? I live overseas and the outlets here won't take my old chi because the plug has that big wattage box or whatever on the end... but the ones without the box thing work fine... how do I know the difference?

12/21/2009 5:39:22 AM
catherine said:

what does it mean "fits into a standard curling iron station"? does that mean the end of the cord doesn't have the wattage box on it? I live overseas and those don't work, I need one without the box... do you know the difference and how I can make sure before I buy it online?


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