Hair Tools For Fabulous Hair

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Can you recommend some good brushes to make styling my hair easier?

Hair Tools For Fabulous Hair

Think just any hair tools will give you great hair? Think again. Knowing which hair tools to use for which type of style will make creating your hairstyle a much easier process.

To detangle or groom long dry hair a paddle brush is the best hair tool for the job. The soft air cushion and ball tipped nylon pins are gentle on both your scalp and hair. Use one of these hair tools to sweep up your hair into a pony tail.

To give medium to long hair a smooth finish with turned under ends a boar bristle brush does the job. Starting at the roots, take a section of hair and glide the boar bristle brush under the hair and through to the ends while blow drying. Pause at the ends while they are still turned under and blast a quick shot of cool air to keep them turned under. To create a flip have the brush on top of the ends and shoot cool air at them to freeze the style.

For those who like to wear their hair up a Mason Pearson brush is the king of hair tools. Use this brush to create volume by back brushing the roots and smoothing the top layer. Create chignons, French twists or any updo style by using this hair tool to smooth and place hair perfectly.



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