User Friendly Hair Clippers

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I want to buy some hair clippers to trim my boyfriends hair and neck. What's a good set of clippers for doing this?

User Friendly Hair Clippers

For professional stylists, the usability of their hair clippers is an important issue. If they're too bulky it causes strain on the hands and arms but if they're not powerful enough your hair creations will suffer.

The ultimate blending of comfort and power in hair clippers is the Wahl peanut hair clipper. This little 4 inch clippers weigh in at only 4 ounces but boast all the power of a full sized model. The blades snap on and off for easy cleaning and these hair clippers come with all the necessary attachments to make styling short hair a breeze.

These little hair clippers are perfect for trimming up beards, moustaches or for cleaning up hair around the neck line.



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