Get Hair Friendly Color From Your Beauty Supply Store

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I have gray hair I want to color but I don’t want to use harsh products to hide the gray. Any suggestions on what type of color I should use?

Get Hair Friendly Color From Your Beauty Supply Store

Do you have gray hair you're looking to cover? Do you hate harsh colors with peroxide and a nasty smell to them? Then try heading to your local beauty supply store and pick yourself up some Bigen Permanent powder hair color.

This super easy to use color is mixed with water, without harsh ammonia. It boasts great gray hair coverage and leaves your hair silky and shiny. This hair color from a beauty supply store also contains no metallic colors, which can cause problems down the road if you decide to color over your old color with a new non-metallic color. This color comes in eight fabulous shades and will cover your grays in as little as 20-30 minutes.

One of the worst things about buying hair color kits that come in bottles is the wasted hair color that gets left behind. If you have short hair chances are you don't use the whole bottle but because it must be used up once mixed you end up throwing away good hair color. If you hate to waste money and are looking to save some cash, try using a powder hair color. Because these powders mix with water to activate them, you can choose how much color you mix and put the rest of the powder aside for the next time.



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