Hair Sticks: Sensual Hair Accessories

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I have really long hair and would love to either wear it up or add some cool accessories to it. Any ideas?

Hair Sticks: Sensual Hair Accessories

When one thinks of hair sticks the image of the sensual geisha and her elaborate hairstyle come to mind. Today these hair accessories come in an array of colors and styles and work with any hair long enough to fit into a pony tail.

Try using hair sticks to create the popular low lying bun (also known as chignon). Simply place your hair into a low lying ponytail with a neutral colored soft elastic. Take the pony tail and twist the hair until it begins to coil onto itself. Once this is done wrap the hair in a circular pattern around the base of the pony tail until a bun is formed. Use two hair sticks, both making an X pattern in the hair, to “sew” the bun together in an in and out fashion. The result is a classic looking hairstyle made fabulous with the addition of these stunning hair accessories.



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