Benefits of Hair Extension

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How much hair will I need to buy for hair extensions?

Benefits of Hair Extension

Thinking about getting hair extensions? The longer your own hair is, the less hair the salon will need to add to achieve your natural look. Your hair texture is also important in determining the amount of hair that needs to be added (you can add a little hair for thickness or lots of hair for a completely different look).

Rather than ruining your hair (which is a common myth), hair extensions will help you grow out your own hair. Inch for inch, hair extensions will improve your look more than plastic surgery.

*Hair extension is pain free and inexpensive.



1/13/2009 7:12:07 PM
frances said:

first few nights after getting extensions, I couldn't sleep at all, was almost having anxiety attacks, it was very uncomfortable, takes much longer to style, if you get alot of extensions its much warmer, like your always wearing a hat.
Would not recommend.


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