Drab Gray Hair

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How do I make my drab gray hair shine?

Drab Gray Hair

Going gray is not your ticket to low-maintenance hair. Whether you have long hair or short hair, your hair care treatment and product budget may rise. Gray hair can be wiry, dry, coarse, and brittle—it needs constant maintenance with specialty products to keep it from looking dull and drab.

To retain its softness and manageability and to prevent that dreaded yellowing, use moisturizing, clarifying shampoos and conditioners made specifically for gray hair. To ensure that shampoos achieve the level of brightness you like, mix equal parts of the specialty shampoo with a regular moisturizing shampoo and experiment. If your hair gets a purplish cast, switch to a clarifying and/or moisturizing formula shampoo, alternating formulas for best results. Your hair's condition is vital to keeping silver hair looking good.



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