Hair: Dead or Alive?

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Is hair dead or alive?

Hair: Dead or Alive?

Even healthy hair is dead. It may be thick and lustrous, but it contains no living tissue. Tiny cup-shaped pits found all over the scalp, called hair follicles, produce hair.

The hair you struggle to maintain is made of dead cells that have been turned into cylinders of keratin. These cylinders form the hair shaft, which grows at about 1cm per month.

Even though it's dead, hair contains fats, pigment (melanin), water (at least 10 per cent of dry hair) and traces of vitamins and minerals. Good hair care is necessary for keeping the dead alive.



8/19/2006 5:43:06 PM
alice said:

oh my god,
i love love love this tipp!! i won a bet hehe well thank you so much !! you are a awsome.. even though i have noo clue who you are, but thats okay! thnk you so much loveyy xoxoxo AlIcE!

10/10/2006 11:44:16 AM
lise said:

i have extrimaly dead hair and i am only fifteen

1/11/2007 12:32:56 AM
maddbouthair said:

thats abssoutely true. ps. did you know that shampoos are slightly acidic to help your hair shafts remain silky and smooth??!!


2/2/2007 5:27:19 AM
v said:

Great explanation. Straight to the point.

6/3/2007 7:00:06 PM
ashley said:


8/3/2007 7:11:08 AM
dolapo said:

yes! i was right. i knew hair was dead but my mum and sister didn't beleive me so i was determined to prove that i was right and i am!!! thanks so much!!! yes! yes! yes! i was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/10/2008 2:25:34 AM
Anonymous said:

Thanks - that was great.

5/18/2009 2:44:30 PM
?????????????? said:

thanks it really helped me


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