Hair Color and Perm

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Can I get a perm after I color my hair?

Hair Color and Perm

Of course you can get a perm after you color your hair. A perm formulated especially for color treated hair can complement your color with magnificent body, texture, and fullness.

As your new hair color grows out, use color enhancing conditioners to help blend root areas. Take care of your hair color and your perm by using a gentle shampoo created specifically for color-treated hair. Shampoo gently: Rough shampooing can dry out your hair or strip color. Pick an intensive conditioner and use it regularly to restore vital moisture and luster to your new hair color.

*If you're hitting the beach, treat your hair to a leave-in conditioner that contains sunscreen to protect against color fade.



8/7/2006 10:07:15 AM
Stacia said:

Everyone said it is fine to color after a perm. To be safe, I waited over a month after my perm to color it (red) at home, as I normally do. It looked fine for a day or two, then suddenly...the color is all bleached out except for my bangs (which were not permed) and the new growth. Why did this happen and what can I do to fix it, and more importantly, prevent it in the future?


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