Hair Straightener: Pressing Comb

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I chemically straightened my hair but it's still a little curly. What can I do?

Hair Straightener: Pressing Comb

Nothing's ever perfect. Even after applying a chemical relaxer to your curly hair, you might still need to use a straightening device to achieve the hairstyle you desire. Enter the hot comb!

The hot comb is one of the oldest hair straightening devices around. The comb can be heated either electrically or by placing it into a heated oven or a stove top fire (again, this is an old technique). Then, the comb is placed in the hair to press or straighten out the curls. For this reason, it is also commonly referred to as a pressing comb. You may know it by the seemingly contradictory term "curling iron." Anyway, it's a comb without teeth.



10/26/2006 1:27:41 PM
Monica said:

The pressing comb is a comb with teeth. Hence the word comb! It is not recommended to use this tool if you have chemically treated hair, though.

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