High Impact Color

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What is new in color? How can I do it?

High Impact Color

The latest color term will be "high impact" and it will be creeping into the terminology in salons and magazines. What this means is that hair color for the current season will be bright and bold and have more obvious differences of color on one head.

Currently coppers are the "in" color and they are often highlighted with bold light copper blondes and golden colors. These colors are easier to achieve than you may think:

1. Use the darker color of red or brown for your all-over color using a semi-permanent color that will gradually fade out.

2. After the color is done, shampoo, dry, and pull the hair through a frosting cap, applying your lighter color after.

*You may not even have to bleach first if your hair is light brown or lighter. However, remember to be brave and use colors that are vibrant and obviously contrasting for a new look.



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