Semi or Demi-Colors

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What if I cannot find a semi-permanent color I like?

Semi or Demi-Colors

Many times you want to blend gray or just give your hair some life without using a strong permanent hair color however, when you go to the store, you can't find any of the semi or demi-permanent colors that you like. Here is a good tip: find a permanent color you like that is in a kit. The peroxide that is in there is almost always 20volume (that is the strength used for permanent colors).

In order to create a long-lasting semi or demi-color, you can dilute the peroxide with distilled water to make it 10volume. Here is how: The instructions call for two ounces of developer which is supplied to be mixed with the color. Pour out one ounce of the developer and mix it with one ounce of distilled water (This will dilute the developer to 10volume, which will only deposit color). At this strength it cannot lift any of your natural color and will give you a good long-lasting color.



8/29/2011 8:58:55 PM
Sarah said:

This is TRUE! I'm a hairstylist and totally forgot about this old trick of the trade! I was at the beauty supply shop today to pick my personal colour up, but when I got home I realized I forgot the 10 volume! So to the internet I dashed! So even if it's not store bought colour you can use it for professional colour too.


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