Sedu Flat Irons: The King Of Hair Straighteners

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I keep hearing about Sedu flat irons. How are they different from other models?

Sedu Flat Irons: The King Of Hair Straighteners

If you have any interest in flat irons you've no doubt heard of the Sedu flat iron. Thought of by many as the leader in the flat iron industry, the Sedu flat irons boast many hair friendly features that will make straightening your hair quick and easy.

The Sedu claims to make straightened hair three times smoother than regular flat irons and the ceramic/tourmaline plates generate six times more negative ions for softer, shinier hair than other flat irons on the market. The Sedu flat iron is equipped with new infra red technology that seals in the hair's moisture while it is being straightened, avoiding the dryness and damage which can result from prolonged use of heated styling tools.

The Sedu flat iron is also very user friendly with its light weight body and 25 second heat up time. It also boasts hotter styling temperatures than other flat irons with a heat range from 240 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

If time is of the essence when straightening your hair try these styling tips. Whenever possible, wash your hair the night before, and let it dry naturally. This will help to cut down on frizz without a lot of work. In the morning turn on your Sedu flat iron just before you plan on using it. Spray sections of your hair with a thermal styling spray and straighten as desired.



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