Hair Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do for a color change?

How can I choose the proper color?

What should I know about hair loss?

How does color blend with gray?

How can I achieve a tossled romantic style myself?

What is my perfect haircut?

What can I do? My hair is too light.

How do I choose a color for someone older?

How can I quickly fix frizzy hair?

What corrective colors are available?

What can I do if my hair still looks dry after using moisturizers?

Can you explain styling products?

Can I use mayonnaise to condition?

How do I choose a wig?

How can I get a non-brassy bleach?

How should I straighten my hair?

How can I condition and color in one step?

How can I frame my face with curly hair?

What about leave-in conditioners?

Are there any products for women with thinning hair?

How can I get a body wave that holds?

Can I cover up brassiness without coloring?

What can I do if my hair color doesnŽt cover anymore?

Should I have bangs?

Why does tinted red hair fade quickly?

What does an analysis of my hair show?

What is the difference between tints,dyes,semi-perm,rinses?

How can I get a fuller style?

Should I have permanent or semi-permanent color?

What can I do if the color wonŽt hold?

How can I fight fading hair color?

How will I know if IŽll like the hair color?

How can I get body at the roots?

What is elasticity?

What is porosity of hair?

How do I make those new triangle curls?

How to color as I mature?

What is a quick fix for color that is grown out?

How can a man color his moustache and sideburns?

What hair color is good for a conservative man?

How do I keep my red hair red?

What if I cannot find a semi-permanent color I like?

How can I give my color a boost?

What is new in color? How can I do it?

What should I do about a bad haircut?

What hair style is good for a full face?

What temperature water should I use for shampooing?

Should I compliment a company for its products?

How much hair loss is considered normal?

What is the most common cause of hair loss in women?

What product can I use to improve the appearance of my thinning hair?

How long do I need to use a hair loss product before I can expect results?

What are some of the causes of female hair loss?

Why do more women suffer from baldness after menopause?

What are some of the effects of hair loss in women?

Will a certain hairstyle make my thinning hair look better?

How well does Rogaine work as a hair loss treatment for women?

Which parent passes on the "bald" gene?

How common is male hair loss?

How is a surgical hair transplantation performed?

What kind of results can I expect from laser treatment for hair loss?

What causes male hair loss?

Why do hair follicles on the sides and back of the head continue to grow hair?

Does wearing caps or hats contribute to hair loss?

What are some of the false and real causes of male hair loss?

Do products like Rogaine and Propecia actually grow new hair?

Why is permanent hair removal difficult?

Is there such a thing as permanent hair removal?

Is permanent hair reduction the same as permanent hair removal?

Who benefits from laser hair removal and what are its advantages?

What are the disadvantages of laser hair removal?

Is laser hair removal really painless or permanent?

How should I prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

How long is a laser hair removal treatment session?

How many sessions will I need for hair removal?

What can I use to lighten hair on my upper lip?

What is a depilatory?

Will waxing work on short hair?

What is epilation?

What is threading? How does this hair remover method work?

How does electrolysis eliminate unwanted hairs?

Are there any shavers that don't cause razor bump irritation?

Is sugaring an effective hair remover?

How well do home waxing products work?

How do I get the best results using a depilatory?

What hair care product will help me avoid a bad hair day?

How do I liven up dull, limp hair?

What should I look for in a natural hair care product?

Are there special shampoos for thinning hair?

What hair care products should I use after hair transplant surgery?

What can I do to make baby-fine hair more manageable?

What hair product will cure split ends?

What's the difference between a conditioning shampoo and a combined shampoo/conditioner?

I'm tired of curls. How do I change my look?

How do I choose a hair straightener?

I have thick, curly hair and my flat iron snags. What can I do?

Are people ever satisfied with their hair?

Flat irons are great, but I want my curly hair to be straight for a long time. What can I do?

Is there a hair straightening technique that lasts really, really, really long?

I'm afraid of chemical hair straighteners. What can I use as a temporary fix for my wavy hair?

How does a ceramic hair straightener work?

How do chemical hair straighteners work? What's in them?

I chemically straightened my hair but it's still a little curly. What can I do?

Are there different types of hair dryers?

What's an ionic hair dryer?

Why does an ionic hair dryer work well on hair that tends to frizz?

Is a wall mounted hair dryer worth the money?

Who makes a good travel hair dryer?

Can I buy one of those hard hat hair dryers like the hair salons use?

Is there a time-saving hair dryer that provides gives professional results?

How can I improve my look to get an immediate reaction?

How can I jazz up my look?

Aren't hair extensions difficult to use?

How do I care for my hair extensions?

How do I extend the life of my hair extensions?

I'm going out with my girlfriends. How can I make a fashion statement?

What is strand-by-strand hair extension?

How much hair will I need to buy for hair extensions?

What is hair extension and why is it popular?

How do I avoid bad hair days?

What hair products do I need to make my hair look good?

How do I avoid a frizzy hairstyle?

Why is my hair getting thinner?

Is there a hairstyle that will minimize my thinning hair?

How should I choose a short hairstyle?

How do I choose a hairstyle for my wedding day?

What hairstyles balance diamond or heart-shaped faces?

How can I style my hair when I have a cowlick?

How do I get spiral curls using hot rollers?

How many types of hair color are there?

Why doesn't my new hair color look like the color I picked out in the book?

Can I get a perm after I color my hair?

Should I be concerned about the chemicals in hair color?

What type of hair color product is henna?

What's the difference between home hair color kits and a professional hair color?

I like to color my hair red but it fades quickly. What can I do?

What should I know about coloring my hair at home?

Are progressive dyes dangerous?

Is ammonia in some hair colors bad for my hair? Or bad for me?

Is hair dead or alive?

How can I prevent bed head?

Does menopause cause hair to thin?

Where does hair for hair extensions come from?

How can I go gray gracefully?

Is there an inexpensive hair moisturizer for dry hair?

How do I make my drab gray hair shine?

I love long hair, but mine is too dry. What can I do?

What sort of product is best to use to hold my curls for the night?

I have lot of hair on my body which includes by back, my stomoch and chest - what can I do to remove it?

What product could I use to make my hair the softest it can be?

Are texturizers only for very short hair?

How often should I texurize my hair? It is of average (black hair) texture,short cut and rather thin?

How long does a texturizer last? I

I have medium length hair and it is very frizzy at the back. I'm in the bathroom for hours trying to find the soloution to my damaged hair. What should I do?

I just got my hair permed yesterday. Can I get it wet?

I am trying to switch from permanent coloring done at salon to henna which I'll do from home. I need to know if this is healthier for my hair as I'll be living in the beach.

There's so many blow dryers out there. What are some things to look for in a good one?

I keep hearing about ionic hair dryers. What are they and how do they work?

I've seen those T3 blow dryers but wondered if they are any better than the cheaper ones. What's the difference?

I have curly hair and it always ends up frizzy if I blow dry it. Do you have any tips for blow drying curly hair?

Do you have any tips on styling black hair?

I want to get my hair colored. What are the hair colors that are in right now?

I want a simple hairstyle but don't want it to be boring. Any suggestions?

My curly hair is often dry and unruly. What's the best way to care for my curly hair?

Are there any hair products out there that help control frizz?

I'm tired of my frizz but love curly hair. Is there a way to keep the curl but get rid of frizzy hair?

What type of gel should I use for my curly hair?

I want to bring out the curl in my hair. What type of gel should I use?

I love trendy hairstyles but can't find any for my curly hair. Do you have any suggestions?

I have long hair that is curly. What's a good way to style my hair?

I feel like I'm always fighting my curly hair. It's either dry or won't style nice. Any suggestions?

What is a brazillian wax?

I'd like to have a smooth hairstyle for my wedding day. Any suggestions on how to make my hair shiny and straight?

I want my hair to be extra special for my wedding day. Are there any speical hair tools I should use?

I'm wearing my hair fairly plain for my wedding day. What can I put in my hair to make it look gorgeous?

What are my options for hair accessories on my wedding day?

What can I add to my hair to make it look amazing on my wedding day?

I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and I can't decide how to wear my hair. What's "in" in bridesmaid's hair?

I have to wear my hair up for an event. Any suggestions on some great evening hairstyles?

I'm getting married but I'm having trouble choosing a hair style. Any tips on how to choose the best style?

I usually buy my hair color from a drug store. Is there a difference between those ones and ones at a beauty supply store?

I have gray hair I want to color but I don’t want to use harsh products to hide the gray. Any suggestions on what type of color I should use?

I love trying out the latest hair products but it’s such a hassle to drive from my small town to the city. Is there another way to get great products but save myself a big trip?

I have really long hair and would love to either wear it up or add some cool accessories to it. Any ideas?

I have an event coming up and I’m wearing a vintage style dress. How should I wear my hair so it looks good with the dress?

I have a 2 year old little girl who loves wearing her hair pretty. Any suggestions on what types of accessories to use in her hair?

I get so tired of my hair but it takes forever to grow it into a new style. Is there anything I can do to change the look of my hair quicker?

I see people like Paris Hilton wearing headbands a lot. Is this a trendy thing now?

Is there a product to help me get tangles out of my long hair?

I straighten my hair every day but it's getting dry. Is there anything I can do to protect it?

Is there any difference in the flat irons out there when it comes to your hair's length?

Some flat irons are so expensive. What features do you really need to make them worth the money?

My hair is really dry. Is there a product that can help get it back in good condition?

I have really bad dandruff. What causes this and how do I treat it?

My hair is all dried out from using a lot of heat. Is there any way to help correct this problem?

I want to get my dry hair back in shape. Do deep conditioning treatments work and how do you do them?

My hair is dry and dull. Is there anything to make it look better right away?

My hair doesn't want to style the way I want it to. Are there any products out there to tame my wild hair?

I want to spike my hair but I can't find a product strong enough. Any suggestions?

My blonde hair is fried from so much coloring. I don't want to stop coloring it. Is there any products to help repair my dry hair?

I use a lot of hair products every day and my hair won't style like it used to. Could it be build up and how can I get rid of it?

I want to grow my hair long as fast as possible. Any suggestions?

I always get overwhelmed when I try to buy hair care products. Any suggestions on choosing the right ones?

I have fine hair. What type of hair care products should I use?

I blow dry my hair straight but it still looks frizzy. What can I do?

I have short hair and was wondering if there are flat iron hairstyles for shorter hair?

I keep hearing about Sedu flat irons. How are they different from other models?

I want to style my hair straight. Where's the best place to buy a flat iron?

I have curly hair and I'm tired of styling it straight every morning. Is there a way to get rid of my curls for good?

Are there any special techniques for caring for my flat iron?

I have curly hair and I want to style it straight. What hair products should I use?

I want to wear my hair up for a special event. How can I make my hair look fabulous?

I have long hair that I blow dry and curl every day. I'm worried that all this blow drying and curling is going to dry my hair out. Is there something out there that prevents this?

I have long hair that I like wearing super smooth and curly. Is there something out there that will give me both?

I'm growing out my medium length hair. Is there anything I should do to keep it healthy while it grows?

I have long hair that I would love to wear curly. Can you tell me how to get big curls in my hair?

My long hair is one length but I'm getting bored of it and I'm looking for a change. Any suggestions?

I have long hair and I'm looking for a new hairstyle. I want something wilder than your average straight long hair. Any suggestions?

I have a round face and I'd like to grow my hair long. What type of style would suit my face best?

I have naturally curly long hair and I'm wondering how to wear it for a formal event I'm going to. Are there any easy formal hairstyles for my type of hair?

I want to curl my long hair into big curls. What's a good curling iron to use?

I blow dry and flat iron my hair every day. Are there any products out there that will protect my hair?

I'm a professional hairstylist and I was wondering if you recommend a good flat iron to use on my clients.

I curl my hair but it doesn't hold for the whole day. Is there a way to touch it up when I'm on the go?

I keep hearing about ceramic blow driers and flat irons. What exactly does the ceramic do?

I want to buy some hair clippers to trim my boyfriends hair and neck. What's a good set of clippers for doing this?

I have curly hair and I wanted to know what kind of brushes and such I should be using.

Can you recommend some good brushes to make styling my hair easier?

My hairstyle required really flat and straight bangs. Are there any tricks to getting them super straight?

My hair often looks dry and frizzy after I blow dry it, even when I put anti-frizz products in. Is there anything else I can do to stop the frizz?

I have medium length hair that I'm growing out to long. What's a trendy hair style for this length of hair?

I have medium length hair and I want an edgy hairstyle. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to make my medium length hair less boring?

I need a glamorous hairstyle for a big event. I have shoulder length hair. Any suggestions?

I have hair just above my shoulders. My stylist suggested I layer it. What do you think?

I am currently growing out my hair and it's now about at my shoulders. I'm bored with it but don't want to cut it. Is there anything I can do to jazz it up?

Can you tell me how to make my shoulder length hair curly?

I'm starting to loose my hair. What causes this?

I keep hearing about taking vitamins to stop hair loss. Can you do this and does it work?

My hair is thinning on top. Can you suggest a hair cut that will help hide this?

I'm loosing my hair but I don't want to try expensive drugs and I can't afford transplants. Is there anything else that will cover up my bald spot?

I heard about a hair cut called the Emo cut. What exactly is this hair cut?

I just got my hair cut into the Emo style. What hair products should I use for this style?

Can you suggest any cool but easy to style hair cuts for men?

I want to suggest a new hairstyle for my boyfriend that always wears his hair in a pony tail. He won't wear his hair super short. Any suggestions?

I work in an office so my hair has to be conservative for work. Problem is I want a cool look for the clubs. Any suggestions on how to wear my hair for when I go out?

Is there anything else you can do with a flat iron other than straighten hair?

I have really thick hair and I was thinking of wearing it straight. What's the best way to get this mop of hair straight fast?

I have short hair and was wondering what's in style for short hair?

I have fine hair that I wear short. What's a cool new hairstyle I could try that would work with my fine hair?

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