Kristle Jones
Hair Guru

Kristle Jones was born to be in the beauty industry. From a young age she was interested in all things 'beauty'.

Kristle's interest in the beauty industry led her to Orange County to find the best education in beauty she could find. In 2002, she enrolled in a private cosmetology school in Orange County, CA. After graduating with honors, she received her cosmetology license, and went on to assist a world-renown hairstylist and become a successful hair stylist as well. She now works for a French skincare and cosmetic company called L'Bel Paris and enjoys every minute of it.

Previous beauty industry experience includes a weekly beauty column, Beauty Mark that she wrote for around late 2006 and early 2007. Kristle has also published a book with Lifetips, Inc. titled 101 Bridal Beauty Tips.

Since graduating beauty school, Kristle has been involved in an abundance of volunteer work directly relating to her field. Her favorite experience was being a director for an event titled, A Day of Beauty, that gave young girls at Children's Hospital of Orange County a day to receive a little TLC and pampering, care of Kristle and her wonderful team of volunteers.

Kristle has kept up with her 'guru' status by continuing her education and getting certified as a makeup artist, as well as an Enjoy Hairdresser advocate.

Being a guru for has been a wonderful experience for Kristle and she hopes to provide her readers with tremendous amount of information out there.

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