Styling Products

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Can you explain styling products?

Styling Products

Here is your ultimate hair product cheat sheet! Refer to the following glossary for hair care basics:

• Hair Gels- a product for hold and body that is heavier than a mousse. It works great on coarse, curly hair and often imparts shine.

• Mousse- a styling aide that is lighter in consistency than a gel. It is good for fine, limp hair and has the ability to hold well. It's available in various strengths.

• Pomades and waxes- products that are used for a slick style or to define curly hair. Pomades have oil (and sometimes wax) in them. They give strong definition to a style without causing hardness. Waxes are great for the new dredlocks.

• Glosses and Polishes- products that are designed to give the hair brilliance using light weight oils and silicones. Use them sparingly. They can also help to tame fly-away hair.

• Anti-frizz Products- products using some wax (but minimal amounts) and some oils. They are designed to lightly coat the hair, making it possible to straighten the hair, use heat, and have the style remain smooth all through the day.

• Hair sprays- the newer sprays are lightweight and flexible, allowing the user to get hold without stiffness. They can be found in a variety of holds from light to maximum and are usually used to maintain and control styles. Almost all hair sprays are under government guidelines so as not to harm the environment.

• Volumizers- these products come in different forms (such as gels, lotions, and sprays) and are used for those people who desire strong lift at the scalp as well as over-all volume. To get the most volume, they are applied before drying the hair. They work best when the client hold his or her head down will drying.



3/4/2007 11:50:36 PM
lu said:

Ilove L'oreal products especially the orange round container for smooth intensive anti-frizz ...Just absolutely loved it stepdaughter is biracial and it worked wonders on her hair ...thanx............


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