Hair Straighteners: Big Business

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Are people ever satisfied with their hair?

Hair Straighteners: Big Business

Hair is big business. Americans will spend about $7.5 billion on hair care products and services this year. Strangely, most of that money will be spent trying to reverse the natural condition of one's hair. If you have straight hair, you want to go curly. If you hair's curly, kinky, or wavy you're desperately trying to straighten it out. We are never satisfied!

Luckily, for the curly to straight crowd, there are many hair straighteners to choose from (both chemical and mechanical). A chemical restructuring agent is a semi-permanent hair straightening solution. If you just want a temporary fix rather than permanent chemicals, however, maybe try straightening out a few select strands of hair with one of the many handheld straightening appliances on the market.



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