Hair Remover: Best Results with Depilatories

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How do I get the best results using a depilatory?

Hair Remover: Best Results with Depilatories

Depilatory creams work quickly, are easy to apply, and effective in the short term by removing hair just below the skin's surface. Unfortunately, the chemicals that burn off hair can also cause skin irritation. If you have very sensitive skin you may not be able to tolerate these hair remover creams. And, for goodness sake, don't use them around your eyes!

For best results:

• Apply a warm washcloth to soften the hair and open follicles
• Don't leave the cream on your skin longer than the recommended time
• Remove the cream
• Extra pressure will help remove more of the hair shaft so use a washcloth—not just water

*Hair removal with a depilatory lasts several days.



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