Hair Remover: Home Waxing Products

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How well do home waxing products work?

Hair Remover: Home Waxing Products

Some home hair removal waxing products are better than others although most are cheaper than going to a waxing salon.

One key to waxing is letting the wax heat up properly before applying it. Keep in mind, however, that achieving the correct and safest temperature can be tricky. The wax rolls on best when it is very hot but you don't want to burn your skin.

*Some hair remover systems come with oil to soothe your skin after removing the wax.
If the one you bought doesn't include oil, apply oil or lotion from your own supply. And, always keep in mind that waxing at home takes practice and patience.



6/10/2008 12:41:15 PM
Lizzy said:

I'm a college student, who can't afford to go to the salon every month. I've tried a variety of at-home waxing gels and strips and have come to the conclusion that Nad's hair removal strips are the most cost-efficient and are not rough on my skin. Just make sure your hair is longer than 2mm first.


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