Laser Hair Removal: Quack Claims

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Is laser hair removal really painless or permanent?

Laser Hair Removal: Quack Claims

You may encounter quack claims about laser hair removal being permanent or painless. Some practitioners may boast of "permanent hair removal" or "100% permanent" or "permanent." Some people experience permanent reduction of treated hair over the course of treatment, but published studies have reported that many people are not good candidates and get poor results.

Even ideal candidates with light skin and dark hair do not always respond to treatment. Another claim may be for "guaranteed 0% regrowth." No published clinical data substantiates this promise. Some hair removal practitioners claim their treatment is "painless" or "virtually painless." Many clients tolerate laser hair removal without requiring pain relief, but it is inaccurate to claim that treatment will be painless for everyone.

*Don't believe the hoopla! Educate yourself on hair removal procedures and facts before getting sold on false ideas.



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