Hair Removal: Types of Hairs

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Why is permanent hair removal difficult?

Hair Removal: Types of Hairs

Do you want the truth? Permanent hair removal is darn near impossible! Your body has three types of hair:

• Vellus (peach fuzz; tiny colorless hairs)
• Intermediate (thin, some pigmentation)
• Terminal (deep-rooted coarse hairs, either pigmented or gray)

The terminal hairs are usually the ones you want terminated. The amounts of each type of hair and their growth cycles vary among people, making it hard to compare hair removal results between you and others. Depending on the body area, from 20% to 85% of hairs are in the anlagen (growth) stage.

*Many hair removal methods are more effective on actively growing hair. Consequently, a single hair removal treatment cannot treat all your hairs.



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