Tinted Red Hair Fades Quickly

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Why does tinted red hair fade quickly?

Tinted Red Hair Fades Quickly

Often it is true that tinted red hair fades quickly. For the most part, permanent colors are activated by a developer (such as peroxide) in varying strengths and the chemical process is such that color is lifted slightly before the tint can penetrate. There is not always enough pigment in these tints to penetrate deeply enough in the allotted time.

Pigment is what gives the hair its color and permanent colors are not formulated with as much pigment as semi-permanent colors because of the penetrating action. Semi-permanent colors have more of a staining process because they are not meant to penetrate as deeply. Also, the condition of the hair plays a major role in the fading of tints.

Run a strand of hair between your thumb and forefinger. If you feel little bumps, that means the outer layer or cuticle is raised. This layer is the protective layer for the hair and helps to protect the inner layers as well as to keep the hair's natural chemicals inside the hair shaft. Products that are called "finishing rinses" are designed to work on this layer and this will help keep the color from fading as fast.

*Wella, Clairol, Aura, Aveda, Paul Mitchell, and several others make shampoos and conditioners especially for color treated hair.



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