Tints, Dyes, Semi-Permanent, Rinses

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What is the difference between tints,dyes,semi-perm,rinses?

Tints, Dyes, Semi-Permanent, Rinses

Many people are confused by the terms hairstylists use for color products so here's a tip: "dye" is no longer used. One dyes clothes, but tints and dyes are the same thing. They are permanent colors mixed with a developer to penetrate the hair and stay.

Usually, when the new growth reappears, one tints the hair again. Semi-permanent or the new demi-permanent colors are those that either have no developer or a developer that is very low in strength and does not penetrate the hair shaft as deeply. These colors fade out gradually and are retouched once the color has faded enough for the desired effect to be lost.

Rinses are only temporary and are water soluble. They are used to tone down unwanted shades in one's natural hair color and often rub off with brushing or rubbing one's head on the pillow at night while sleeping. They only coat the hair slightly.



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