Condition and Color in One Step

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How can I condition and color in one step?

Condition and Color in One Step

A very good conditioning hair color that has been around for centuries is henna. First used in Egyptian times, it is a vegetable dye that will give your hair a wonderful shine as well as color. Most of us think of henna as having a red look to it however, there are henna products on the market in a variety of colors. One that is most well known is Hennalucent. Here is a tip for you:

Buy the regular henna and, instead of using hot water that is suggested, use liquids such as grape juice, red wine, or strong boiled coffee to mix the product. Each of these liquids, as long as it is very hot, will impart its base color into the henna and you will have beautiful color and conditioning at the end of the time recommended.

The secret is that henna products have a staining action and also gently coats the outer layer of the hair to keep the cuticle laying flat and thereby allowing the hair to shine (it can condition and color in one step).

*Be sure not to use too often. Usually about six weeks is recommended between colors.



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