Bleaching or Highlighting Without Being Brassy

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How can I get a non-brassy bleach?

Bleaching or Highlighting Without Being Brassy

Want to know about bleaching or highlighting without being brassy? One of the greatest developments in highlighting products lately is Clairol's BW Creme Ultra Drabbing Lightener. It has a violet base that will neutralize or "drab" (if you will) any unwanted brassy tones.

This creme bleach is excellent for on the scalp bleaching as well as being able to be used for frostings and highlighting. It is available in supply stores that sell to the public or you can ask your hairstylist to use it.



4/11/2010 1:34:48 PM
Anonymous said:

This site has great advise!

9/6/2011 4:07:53 PM
Jenn said:

I did an at home hilight job and I didn't leave the bleach on long enough so I have an orange tint. I got a blue violet hair color to put on tonight. will this take the orange out?


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