Reverse Frosting

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What can I do? My hair is too light.

Reverse Frosting

Sometimes, after having highlighted hair touched up several times, it begins to look too light. This can be a problem. Have no fear, however, there's a solution: Reverse frosting.

In order to reverse frost your hair you pull the hair through a frosting cap and apply a semi or permanent color that is close to your natural color. This will break up the too-light hair and still allow it to be a highlighting for the darker hair and will keep you from having to have it completely tinted back before re-doing your highlighting.



10/28/2007 4:17:43 AM
Barb Keil-Burton said:

I have Natural white hair, but it does have a yellowish tint. Which I just learned reading your article, that smoking can cause that, I didn`t know that. Someone told me to Reverse highlighting my hair , I haven`t done it yet, looking for pics with that done.


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