Coloring Shampoos

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Can I cover up brassiness without coloring?

Coloring Shampoos

When light hair or hair that has been highlighted begins to grow out, it often becomes brassy and dull. Many times you don't want to re-color it or, in the case of naturally blonde hair, maybe just don't want the chemicals on your head.

Try coloring shampoos with violet or purple bases. A very good one is Clairol's Shimmering Lights and another one is Simply Silver from Nexxus. Aura makes one called "Blue Malva" which is also good. These shampoos work on the principle that blue neutralizes yellow, and purple neutralizes gold. In other words, if your hair is yellowish or brassy these will neutralize that.

Be careful, if your hair is dry and porous, to dilute it a bit first and do not use it more than twice a week as it can give some blue casts. These shampoos are a good way to keep light hair looking nice without a color touch up.



8/16/2011 6:28:16 AM
M V said:

Aveda makes the Blue Malva, as well as, Black Malva for dark hair colors. Blue Malva is for blondes only.


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