Mess Free Home Hair Coloring

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How can I reduce the mess of hair coloring?

Mess Free Home Hair Coloring

No one can completely avoid the mess of home hair coloring, but thankfully some measures can be taken to keep the dye in your hair and off your bathroom surfaces.

Before beginning the hair coloring process, it is a good idea to prepare the area where you plan to dye your hair. This means covering anything you do not want to match your new hairdo. Use an old sheet or a painting drop cloth to protect the floor and a worn towel to cover any nearby fixtures or countertops. No one plans to spill or splatter the dye, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. Also prepare a non-permeable surface where you can place all of your tools (gooey gloves, dye bottle, and comb). An old magazine or shoe box lid works well for this.

Not only do you want to prevent the dye from staining your bathroom surfaces, you also want to keep it off of your skin and clothes. An old long-sleeved t-shirt works well to keep your arms free of splotches. To prevent the dye from spotting your forehead and neck, apply a gentle lotion to the skin around your hairline prior to dying. The lotion will make it more difficult for the dye to stick to your skin and, as a result, easier for you to wash clean after dying. Do not forget to remove all jewelry before you begin dying your hair. Nothing spoils a diamond like dark hair dye.

After applying the dye and waiting the suggested amount of time for the dye to set, you will need to rinse it from your hair. Be sure to do this in the shower and not under the sink faucet. This will contain the splatter. In the shower, the running water will dilute the dye sufficiently enough that it does not stain the bathtub. If you notice, however, that it has splattered up on the walls of your shower, be sure to wipe the spots away as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, they will dry and stain your walls.

If after all this preparation and care you have still managed to muck up your bathroom with dye, the mess can usually be cleaned with white vinegar. If vinegar, however, is not strong enough, magic erasers work extremely well.



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