Straighten Hair For A Fabulous Updo

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I want to wear my hair up for a special event. How can I make my hair look fabulous?

Straighten Hair For A Fabulous Updo

Those with curly hair may think to remove the curl when wearing their hair down but if you straighten hair that is going to be worn up it can give you a glamorous evening look,

For an elegant evening out straighten hair that has had a smoothing cream applied to it when damp. Use a blow drier and vent brush to work out most of the curl and complete the sleek look with a flat iron.

Now you're ready to create your smooth ‘do. Try a chignon, also known as a low lying bun, by gathering your long hair at the nape of your neck and placing it in a pony tail.

Now take your pony tail and begin to twist it until it is a tight spiral (like a phone cord) and carefully wrap the hair around the base of the pony tail, securing with hair pins as you go, until you have created a tight bun at the base of your neck. Spray on a little shine enhancing hair spray and you have an easy and elegant alternative to wearing your curly hair up. Also, if you straighten hair that is highlighted the highlights will be shown off more in a sleek style such as this one.



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