Using The Right Hair Products To Straighten Hair

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I have curly hair and I want to style it straight. What hair products should I use?

Using The Right Hair Products To Straighten Hair

Blow driers and flat irons are the most commonly known styling tools to straighten hair but did you know that the type of hair products you use can make a big difference too? If you plan on styling your wavy or curly hair in a sleek hairstyle it's worth the time to go shopping for the correct styling products that will make straightening your hair much less hassle.

Smoothing balms and straightening gels are a must when turning curly hair flat. These products help straighten hair by reducing frizz and controlling curls. Many have added shine enhancers, such as silicone, which give the hair shine and also help deflect the ravages of humidity on straightened hair.

A thermal styling spray is another great choice for those that straighten hair on a regular basis. This product helps with styling straight hair as well as acting as a protective barrier from damage caused by heat styling. If you have weak or fine hair you'll absolutely want this type of styling product before placing your hair in heat's way.



5/29/2009 8:09:36 PM
amy earley said:

you can also buy sleek memory, by nexus. on hot or wet days it works like a charm. you wont even beleive its your hair.


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